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Hello Coffee N Donutz fans,

Catherine Grealish here, one of the Producers at CND. I wanted to give you an update on life behind the scenes.

There are many exciting things happening right now at Coffee N Donutz Productions. While we have some fantastic feature film projects in the mix, priority number one is wrapping up post-production for Reversal. Such a fantastic short must be released to festivals as soon as possible!

One of the hats I wear at CND is composer-in-residence. Just recently I completed the score for Reversal. I love writing music for film, in general, but for a number of reasons Reversal was a particularly enjoyable experience.

First of all, the cinematography is fantastic, thanks to Chris Taylor of Adventus Films. Nothing like beautiful images to help the creative juices start flowing.

Secondly, there are a number of scenes in the film which are completely free from dialogue. Film score often takes a backseat to dialogue, so I love it when music is allowed to be front and center.

Lastly, there is the concept: Reversal. This film is full of mystery thanks to the fantastic screenplay by Jen Page. You are never quite sure what the real story is. Ambiguity is a fun concept to explore musically, as is the idea of things being constantly twisted. The main musical idea, carried by the piano, features a theme being manipulated and turned around.

To stay informed on Reversal updates, keep an eye on this blog and on our Reversal Facebook page. We have already started submitting to Festivals. We can’t wait to share with you all the exciting locations where Reversal will be screening. Film World: here we come!

All the best,

Catherine Grealish
Creative Director and Producer
Coffee N Donutz Productions


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We Love It When A Plan Comes Together: Notes From The Set

What a whirlwind it’s been! We optioned Reversal in May and three months later, and a little over halfway through our fundraising campaign, we were filming on location in Shelton, Washington.  All the big and little decisions that have led up to this point, and the lessons we have learned, have been both interesting and informative.

When we arrived on location Friday night, we headed to Bob’s Tavern to shoot part of a flashback scene integral to the story of Reversal.  The local crowd at the bar were pleased to have Bob’s as the establishment of choice and stuck around drinking beer and playing pool amidst our equipment and cords.  One patron celebrated his birthday by being an extra.

After the shoot in the bar was wrapped, we moved onto a creepy unnamed alley to continue the flashback sequence.  We attracted quite a crowd from the bar down the street as well as a police cruiser who drove by a several times.  He must have thought we were up to good and let us be.  We were able to capture the scenes we needed and tuck ourselves in to bed by 4:00 AM.

Saturday morning came entirely too early for the breakfast prep crew.  We were up after a 3-hour nap to prepare stacks of pancakes and a platter of bacon.  Props to my stepson and producer Jenn’s mom for handling the hungry masses with style and grace.

The set for the rest of the shoot was a not often traveled road winding through the forest. We were lucky enough to have absolutely no interruptions for the remainder of the weekend.  All the residents drove around when asked by our fabulous flaggers.  It was really great not to have to move equipment multiple times unless we were doing it for a shot.

Our fundraising campaign ended Saturday, September 10th and the producers are happy to report that between IndieGoGo and personal donations we raised a total of $9158 which was $2158 over our goal. Abundant thanks to everyone who supported our campaign, financially or otherwise!

Post production is moving full speed ahead as we have a short window of time (less than two weeks) to get Reversal edited with color correction, audio and score before we send it off to the Sundance Film Festival!

We have three awesome individuals who are up to the challenge.  Three people who the producers call personal friends and amazing people; Chris Taylor from Adventus Films who was our DP (director of photography), Adam Gehrke who was our location audio (and you can see him every day doing traffic on channel 13) and Catherine Grealish a local composer originally from Down Under and who has worked with an abundance of local Seattle Independent films.

This is what we were born to do and we are loving every minute of it! We are currently in pre-production for a 12 part serial and have three other projects in various stages of development. We are excited to take the local scene by storm!  And you can say you knew us when…

Go ahead and post to your Facebook page, like our Facebook fan page or catch up with us on our blog or Twitter!

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We’re Mad about this Man!

Rick Walters’ background as an 11 year active duty soldier on Joint Base Lewis-McChord served him well to choreograph a fight in the flashback scene he appears in as “Joe” in Reversal.

Before he entered the US Army in 1999, Rick attended Clark College  for theater and film acting. He starred in over 30 stage productions including a full run as Hamlet.  In 2008, after moving back to Washington state from Hawaii and a deployment in support of operation Iraqi Freedom II as an Infantryman, Rick returned to his acting roots.  He’s acted in both lead and supporting roles in over 20 feature and short films including an original short entitled Scamp that he wrote, produced and starred along side his son Race Walters.  Rick is currently at the helm of Tacoma’s premier production company Adventus Films.

Rick is about to get off active duty in the US Army and has entered a competition for a walk on role of AMC’s Mad Men.  Click here to cast your vote!  He’s got ours!

Can’t give? Please click on Reversal and help us with our GoGo Factor!

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The All Seeing Eye

Behind the lens of the camera is our DP (Director of Photography) Chris Taylor who comes to us from Adventus Films.  This was our first opportunity to work with him and we were super impressed!  Not only is he a heck of a nice guy but he and his crew put in some long hours to ensure we got all the shots we needed for Reversal.

Check out his website and amazing body of work.

Can’t give?  Please click on Reversal and help us with our GoGo Factor!

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Capturing audio for Reversal is our sound engineer Adam Gehrke.  A graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Communications and a minor in music.  When he isn’t on air broadcasting, Adam is probably working on a stellar new magic trick, recording a new song, practicing Baguazhang in a local park or taking a power nap.

You can check him out on his website where he reviews films or his Facebook fan page.

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Don’t Try This At Home

Kevin Farrow is the fight coordinator for Reversal.  Born in Washington State and raised on the East side (Seattle speak for the cities across Lake Washington, East of Seattle).  He has been training in various forms of Martial Arts since he was 9 and holds 2 Black belts in separate systems.

His interest in film started in high school but only recently has he had the opportunity to pursue film projects.   Kevin was a member of a live action demonstration team from 2000-2006 and his previous stunt work can be seen in the over the top indie horror film Spaceship Terror and the hilarious and exciting Dirty Do Gooders also staring our Reversal writer Jen Page, lead actor Ben Andrews & lead actress Trin Miller.
He is an avid gamer, rock climber, and currently working on a degree in Culture & Technology.  The producers are excited to have him has a team member on Reversal.  He has already proven in rehearsal he is the man for the job.

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I’ve Got Rhythm

The unsung hero behind Reversal is Tasmanian born Catherine Grealish.

Check out a recent interview here.  You can follow her on Twitter too.

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